The Marrakech-Tours.de based in Marrakech was founded in August 2013 by Mr. Kamal Mali. Our trips do not come from the shelf, there is no established recipe. They are tailored to the smallest detail on your taste and your interests. Quite simply, we listen to what you want and then carefully design an individual journey that fits your budget, interests, tastes, travel expectations, and living standards and is absolutely committed to quality. We know real local indigenous experts, Morocco, as your left pocket. Our mission is to show you the truly true Morocco and let you experience it. That’s why our specialists design a journey around you, show you the highlights in a different light and introduce you to places and experiences, the other maybe miss.

We are the premier tour operator and chauffeur service agency in one because at Marrakech Tours we have the philosophy, our experts and travel designers create the perfect tour experience that can only be successfully completed by a professional, carefully selected chauffeur . This combination is the secret of our success.

We offer airport transfer, chauffeur service, sightseeing tours, shopping tours, tailor made day trips, private individual tailor made tours full of meaningful intercultural experiences and profound personal encounters. We tailor each trip to your personal interests and ensure that you experience an authentic, high-quality and rewarding Morocco adventure.

We have selected some of the best chauffeurs. At least bilingual and we insist on service culture, cultural knowledge, discretion and courtesy. We offer them an education about the cultural aspect of the region where the chauffeurs work. Of course, they will know how to help with your journey, whether you want to book a table in a restaurant, play a sporting activity or book a hotel room. Marrakech Tours aims to provide a chauffeur with an efficient concierge service in Marrakech and throughout Morocco.



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